Five Key Questions For Facebook Marketing

Are you a business owner who has been holding out from jumping on the Facebook bandwagon?

You may be reconsidering now that Facebook has more than 1 Billion users.  Facebook is a great place to connect with your customers and expand your web presence.

More people are searching online to find out more about a company before they do business with them.   If you have a presence on social media you can connect with potential customers more actively than a website allows.

But don’t just put up a Facebook Page and assume that’s all you need to do. Answer these FIVE KEY questions to help you get started on Facebook on the right foot:

1.  What is my main goal for my Facebook presence?

As with anything, always begin with the end in mind.  What do you want out of Facebook?  For most, the answer is more sales.  But it could also be increased exposure for your business, a place for customer service, to establish yourself as an expert, to grow your e-mail list, or many other reasons.

Once you have that goal, then figure out what success looks like.  If you want more sales, how many sales would you like directly from Facebook over the next month or the next year.  Quantify it.  Then make sure you have a way to measure it.  How do you know your sales are coming from Facebook?  Maybe you have a special coupon code that you use only for Facebook fans.  Or maybe you need to put tracking mechanisms in place so that you know where your sales are coming from.

2.  What features of Facebook will I use?

Are you going to have a Facebook Page for your business?  Will you also post business information on your Facebook profile?  Will you have a special Facebook Group for your best customers?   I think it’s a good idea to use all three of these Facebook features.

Facebook profiles show up better in the News Feed but some people aren’t comfortable using their personal profile for business.  So the Facebook Page is a great option.  Make sure you know all the ins and outs.

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3.  How much time do I have to allocate?

Facebook marketing does take time.  You need to allocate time to source content to post and then post that content.  I suggest posting at least once a day if you can.  Posting your own content is great but you aren’t always generating enough content to post.  So you need to be the funnel of the best content in your niche.

You also have to allocate time to respond to posts and commenting on other Pages.  You can comment on other Pages as your Page which will help increase your exposure with that audience.  Put together an activity calendar so that you know when you are doing these activities during the week.  You don’t have to be on Facebook for hours each day (as a business owner, you have things to do!) and having a schedule can help you streamline your efforts.

4.  How will I serve my audience?

Make sure you have your customer’s interests in mind when you are posting.  How can you help them through your Facebook posts?  Is it with helpful tips?  Will you give out coupons?  Provide information that they can’t get anywhere else?  Or just connect with them in a bigger way on Facebook?  All of these are valid ways to serve your audience.  If you have their needs in mind before thinking about selling, you will be more successful.

5.  How will I keep current on the tactics and strategies that work?

Make sure you have some go-to sources to help you on your journey.  Facebook and social media changes constantly.  You have to keep up-to-date with what is working and have a place to ask questions when you have a problem. 

Summary: Facebook marketing can be manageable (and even fun) when you put your plan in place before you start.  With 1 Billion people hanging out on Facebook, you know your customers are there.  And if you do Facebook right, you can grow your business and your online presence in a big way.

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