Can You Be More Empathetic With Your Customers?

Empathy is knowing how it feels to walk in somebody else’s shoes. Customer empathy entails a drive to make a connection. Can you have more Empathy with your customers?

Sympathy is different, it leads to disconnection, as this video describes

Adopting an empathetic mindset is a powerful tool when developing your brand and customer experience.  It enables you to be sensitive to your customer’s point of view, their struggles, and ways they might rationalize decisions.  It also helps to empower you to tailor different aspects of their journey from brand messaging to your website and your actual service.

What questions can help you  become more empathetic with your customers and improve the customer’s experience with your brand? Start with these seven key questions …

1.  Why are your customers motivated to buy? Do you understand their struggle?

One of the biggest drivers for purchasing something is to SOLVE something. Whether it’s a ripped pair of jeans, hunger, or new software that would make you more productive and efficient with your precious time.

2. What are some personal hacks or adjustments customers make to improve their everyday transactions and interactions?

3. What do your customers struggle with?

Chicago’s renowned Steppenwolf Theater has one outstanding characteristic: inclusiveness. They consider all types of customers, including the Deaf and blind, and prepare accordingly for exceptional customer experiences.

4.  How do customers want to build their public identity?

Take notice when people proudly display something on their social media networks: bicycles for the avid rider, beer for the home brewer, Moleskine notebooks for the night owl creative. What do you like to show the world? Remember that other people are investigating the same things.

5.   Are customers actually human?

This is tongue-in-cheek, yes, but I mention it to remind you to stop broadcasting on social media thinking they will come to you. A customer interaction does not have to be a sterile transaction.

6. Have you ever been in their shoes?

Have you nailed the most efficient ways customers can find you, navigate your website, shop, or contact you?  Put on a different pair of shoes – see #3!

7. Are there any common threads you notice in customer feedback or online reviews?

Customers are giving you feedback because they want to be heard (read: it’s an opportunity to show them you care).

Now I have a thought provoking question for you…is meeting customers halfway far enough? How do you dig deeper and more closely understand their struggles?

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