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EQBOOKSWe are compiling the best and most helpful posts of key questions; the questions that entrepreneurs and small business need to ask to be successful. We invite you to add your expertise to our eBook of Key Questions for Entrepreneurs.

There is still a window of opportunity to contribute to our eBook and fill some of the content slots, and of course also be published here on Entrepreneurs Questions. Our post guidelines show you our Key Questions format.

All proceeds from the sale of the book will be in invested in a Kickstarter or similar project.

We are calling on existing contributing authors, our sponsors, and our savvy friends to contribute posts.

Here are some examples of key questions posts we want to include in the Entrepreneurs Questions book.

1.Firing or letting an employee go; what are the key questions?

These questions should cover what the employer needs to ask themselves (before firing or letting an employee go) and the questions they need to ask the employee.

2.What questions should I ask when joining a start up company?

3. The first sales call; what questions should I ask?

These should cover the key questions you should ask the customer on the first sales call, and key questions you should ask yourself before heading out on that first call. This can be two posts.

4.When sales don’t happen, how do I find out why?

What should an entrepreneur or small business owner ask and why ~ when there are no or few sales happening?

5.Why is My Brand Not Working?

Often a start up or small business races into the branding process without any consideration and then comes and asks why isn’t it working ~ what questions should they ask and why, to determine where and how their branding is not working; and how to move onto to re-branding.

6.Why is my Social Strategy not working?

What questions to ask to find out? And why the questions…… This could relate to specific social platforms or social media in general.

7.Why focus on Customer Experience?

There can never be enough on customer experience and customer service. Any posts that expand on this are very welcome.

8.Before going to an investor, ask these questions.

Before a start up or small business asks  an investor to invest (and that includes a Bank or family/friend loan) they should ask these questions ~ and don’t forget why these questions.

Here is our listly list of 73 of our most popular posts; take a quick cruise down the list (it’s 3 pages) and let me know if we have missed anything important? Please leave your comments and suggestions below, or send to me directly at

Happy Questions ~  CASUDI

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions for your Customer Experience by @jeanniecw #EQlist

You know what I have observed about entrepreneurs? They deliver an experience based on who they are. There is nothing more organic than how a passionate entrepreneur creates experiences for his or her customers. The experience is based on the entrepreneur as a person - and often reflects that in spite of their best efforts!

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions to profile your customer by @CASUDI #EQlist

We have been profiling customers for our clients for years; we always called it MITS (man-in-the-street) profiling. It means asking the right questions, and accurately determining and understanding the meaning of the answers. We did this in the days before sophisticated data analytics!

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | Five Key Questions For Facebook Marketing by @AndreaVahl #EQlist

Are you a business owner who has been holding out from jumping on the Facebook bandwagon? You may be reconsidering now that Facebook has more than 1 Billion users. Facebook is a great place to connect with your customers and expand your web presence.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions for Starting an Online Community By @gingerconsult #EQlist

Many individuals and brands are quick to jump into the game of creating online communities for their products, services and advocates. Before you dive head first, you need to determine if the time, energy and expense will help you realize your goals, and compliment your overall strategy.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions for Killer Customer Service by @melissaGalt #EQlist

The role of customer service in today’s business is not to simply solve a problem, but instead it is to foster (and in some cases create and rebuild) goodwill with the customer.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions Hiring your Start Up Team by @TheHRGoddess #EQlist

You were thoughtful and analytical in preparing your business plan. Finding the right talent to be the face of your company to the public should be no different.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions for your Marketing Plan by @RebelBrown #EQlist

Marketing’s first role is to define the distinct value offered by a business and then map that value to buyers who are compelled to purchase that value (and who have the money to buy).

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions When Creating Your Brand by @PaulBiedermann #EQlist

Branding has always been important, but perhaps a visually strong brand image is now more important than ever.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE Key Questions for a Successful Sales Process by @SalesDuJour #EQlist

Winning business is difficult. Your competition is fierce. Your prospective customers have expectations of your company, salespeople, products and services.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions to Determine Customer-Centric Culture by @annettefranz #EQlist

When I think about customer-centric cultures, companies like Zappos, Southwest, and Ritz-Carlton come to mind. Herb Kelleher, former CEO of Southwest Airlines, knows a thing or two about culture, and he defines it as: "... what people do when no one is looking."

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions You Need to Ask About Listly by @Nickkellet #EQlist

Just imagine a blogging platform where your readers can collaborate, comment, vote, add content to your post; not only at the end of the post in comments, but all through the post, thought by thought, even line by line. The blogging landscape is moving forward fast and furious.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions To Ask Before Going International by @CindyKing #EQlist

Do you want to sell your products and services abroad? Would you like to grow your international business?

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions to find out if your Startup will Make Money by @YouTernMark #EQlist

Start-up entrepreneurs are an interesting bunch. Passionate, committed and innovative? Absolutely. Narrowly focused, obsessed… and even blinded by their ambition? Sometimes.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Customer Development Questions by @4Entrepreneur #EQlist

The purpose of a business is to create customers (Peter Drucker). Your customers define your business; if you don’t have customers, you don’t have a business.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions to Ask Investors by @CASUDI @EQlist

The choices you make when raising seed capital from an angel investor will have considerable positive or negative impact on the long-term success of your company.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions Creating Long Term Strategy by @SMSJOE #EQlist

Long-term strategy can help you see beyond the powerful daily vortex of tactics. This vortex is especially dangerous for start-ups. Launching and growing a business is inherently tactical, so all the more reason to establish a longer view strategy, or more importantly, establish a process within a strategy.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions for Selling & Sales by @iannarino #EQlist

There is no “best question” for you to ask during your “needs analysis” sales call.

There are “best questions.”

by S. Anthony Iannarinoze

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE Key Questions to Experience Business Naked ...not what you think by @MelissaGalt #EQlist

Despite technological advances, business today is still, and will always be, about person to person, and relationships. Whether you are connecting by voice to voice, face to face, or keyboard to keyboard, it's about building trusted relationships that allow your business to deliver the goods and services your clients count on.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions for Savvy Web PR by @CathyWebSavvyPR #EQlist

The art of web savvy public relations, or PR, in this digital age is the art of crafting a thoughtful strategy that allows your business to connect with your audiences (customers, prospects, vendors, investors) in meaningful win-win ways.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions to get your Startup off the Ground on a Budget by @TiceWrites #EQlist

Is there any romance more intoxicating than the one between an entrepreneur and their idea? When a would-be business owner is struck with inspiration, it can be hard to evaluate the idea's potential in an unbiased way. It just seems like sheer genius at the time!

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions: How Do You Rate Being an Entrepreneur? by @Sellers_Richard #EQlist

I've developed a simple measurement to help rate your happiness with being an entrepreneur and suggest a benchmark that will tell you whether it's time to close down your business and look for a job. My rating is based purely on your emotional fit and satisfaction for the role ...not on profitability and business success or failure.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions to Ask your Mentor by @CASUDI #EQlist

However, is this individual the right fit for you? Has the connection come through a trusted recommendation, a mentor introduction website or at a local bar? However you connect, it's prudent to ask your potential mentor a few questions to clarify things from the very beginning.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE Key Questions To Get You Noticed by @GingerConsult #EQlist

The web is crowded with "authentic" and "original" individuals and Brands. In fact, the word "authentic" has been used so much that it has become a cliché'. Everyone is striving to be original, different and "unique". Everyone, or so it seems is using every tool and trick to be seen or heard.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE Key Questions Before you Negotiate by @DawnKristy #EQlist

How successful are you at negotiating with yourself? At first, this may sound like an odd question to ask. Yet, we undertake dozens of negotiations with ourselves every day. We negotiate with our kids, our pets and of course in our professional lives, in fact it seems we are always negotiating or weighing the odds about something or other.

TOP EQLIST Blog Posts #EQlist | FIVE KEY Questions on Competitive Intelligence by @sharonlewisnyc #EQlist

Competitive Intelligence can have a huge impact to the bottom line of a business. This knowledge comes in many forms, and ultimately, it is the application of human intelligence and human logic that reveals the value in the data, the trends and the inconsistencies.

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